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Teachers discuss the impact of video on their students

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Interviews with teachers at BETT 2016

ITNedu exhibited at BETT for the first time this year. At the show we asked Teachers to tell us about the impact video has on their students and teaching methods. Watch the video above to hear what they have to say... 

BETT is the largest EdTech event in the UK, and is different from most other EdTech shows, in that a significant number of visitors are end users. In EdTech this means teachers and students. Helped by opening on a teacher-friendly Saturday, exhibitors such as ourselves, were able to get feedback and insight from those that really matter.


We can teach foreign languages with the help of real video. About 80% of our students get the best information out of video and listening"
It really brings it to life... I definitely feel that they retain information from a video and say 'can we watch that again?'"